5/10/20/30PCS Dishwashing Sponge Non-Scratch Microfiber Magic Sponge Non Stick Pot Dishcloth Kitchen Gadgets Cleaning Utensils

SPECIFICATIONSuseful things for home: yescheap things free shipping: Cheapest things with free shippingUsage: KitchenType9: Utensils for kitchenType8: Kitchen novel kitchen accessoriesType7: scrub daddy spongeType6: Free items with free shippingType5: Kitchen...
SKU: 14:200004889#5PCS  Kitchen utensil,Products


useful things for home: yes

cheap things free shipping: Cheapest things with free shipping

Usage: Kitchen

Type9: Utensils for kitchen

Type8: Kitchen novel kitchen accessories

Type7: scrub daddy sponge

Type6: Free items with free shipping

Type5: Kitchen items all with free shipping

Type4: Magic sponge

Type3: For kitchen

Type27: Eco friendly products

Type26: Spongebob

Type25: Kitchen sponge

Type24: Sponges for washing dishes

Type23: Sponges to wash dishes

Type22: Sponges

Type21: Magisponge

Type20: Kitchen items

Type2: Kitchen accessories

Type19: Dishwashing sponge

Type18: Dishcloth

Type17: Home cleaning and order

Type16: All for kitchen and home

Type15: Sponge magic

Type14: Home appliance

Type13: Kitchen utensils

Type12: Cleaning utensils

Type11: Magic cleaning sponge

Type10: Useful things for home

Type1: Cleaning tools

Type: Kitchen gadgets

Origin: Mainland China

Offers with free shipping: all for kitchen and home

Material: microfiber

Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

CN: Jiangsu


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